Medicare Advantage

Understand the ins and outs of Medicare plans and the difference between Plan A and Plan B.

Medicare RX Drug Plans

Review the two options available for prescription drug coverage, Plan D or Plan C, with our help.

Hospital Stay Insurance

Make sure you have the coverage you need for the unexpected with hospital indemnity coverage.

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Have peace of mind knowing you're fully informed about your Medicare plan and what it covers.

Do You Have All of Your Ducks in a Row?

Smiley Face Insurance offers Medicare guidance in Newburgh & Evansville, IN

Approaching retirement can be an exciting but confusing time. Not only do you have to think about whether you'll have enough money to live out your golden years in comfort, but you have to decipher Medicare plans and everything they cover (and don't cover).
Fortunately, Smiley Face Insurance is home to specialists you can count on. We'll give you the tools you need to choose the right Medicare coverage plan in Newburgh or Evansville, Indiana.

Make us your resource for all things Medicare

You'll have a suite of Medicare help tools right at your fingertips when you work with the specialists at Smiley Face Insurance in Newburgh. We're dedicated to helping every Newburgh and Evansville senior enrolled in Medicare understand their medical and drug plans. After setting up an initial consultation with Smiley Face Insurance, our insurance professional will:

  • Explain the difference between Medicare Part A, B and C
  • Inform you about the medicines your RX plan covers
  • Look over your life insurance policy
  • Make sure you're set up for a great retirement
  • Help figure out what kind of dental insurance you might need
  • Provide medical, drug and dental insurance quotes
  • Explain what hospital indemnity insurance will handle
  • Explain medical and dental benefits included in each plan

Just because you're automatically enrolled in Medicare when you turn 65 doesn't mean you don't have a choice between coverage plans. Even if you think you can't afford certain coverage, you may be able to with Medicare help. Gain peace of mind knowing you made the right decision by letting Smiley Face Insurance in Newburgh and Evansville, Indiana guide you to the best plan.

Is your medication covered under your drug plan?

With two types of Medicare prescription plans available, making sure your medicine is covered can be complicated. Part C includes medical and medication coverage. Medicare Part D is used as supplement insurance that can be added to an existing policy. It is offered through private insurance companies approved by Medicare.

Smiley Face Insurance in Newburgh and Evansville, Indiana is your comprehensive resource for everything involved with your Medicare plan and drug coverage options. Set up an initial consultation today so you can have all the information you need to make sound Medicare insurance decisions.